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Working-Class Literature: s Volume II

The aim of this collection is to contribute to the forging of a more robust, politically useful, and theoretically elaborate understanding of working-class literature s. These essays map a substantial terrain: the history of working-class literature s in Argentina, Denmark, Germany, Japan, Singapore, South Africa and Ireland. By capturing a wide range of definitions knipa literatures, the two volumes give a broad and rich picture of the many-facetted phenomenon of working-class literature s , disrupt narrow understandings of the concept and phenomenon, as well arsel identify and discuss some of the most important theoretical and historical questions brought to the fore by the study of this literature. If read as a whole which we hope you do , they contribute toward a more complex understanding of the global phenomenon of working-class literature s. By invoking Flora Nwapa, this monograph draws attention to Nigerian women writers in world literature, with an emphasis on femininity and spirituality. With the establishment of Tana Press in , Flora Nwapa also became the first female publisher in Africa. The ethnographic portrayal of Flora Nwapa is complemented with an exposé of a select number of contemporary Nigerian women writers, based on interviews during fieldwork in Nigeria. The book uses concepts jämbördig creolized aesthetics and womanist worldmaking to advance scholarly understandings of world literature, which is conceived here as a pluriverse of aesthetic worlds.

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Today, molecular biology has developed sensitive methods, which allow us to discover even the smallest pieces of such DNA traces. Such diagnostic tools can bedja used to study the population knipa community structure of habitats as well as presence and absence of particular species of interest. The Swedish eDNA lab will customize the use of eDNA detection methods for applications in environmental monitoring of aquatic environments. Environmental DNA eDNA analysis is a rapid and non-invasive biodiversity tool that is increasingly used in environmental monitoring knipa biodiversity assessment. It is claimed to be more cost-efficient and more accurate, especially when it comes to detecting rare species, as for e. Its main advantage lies in the fact that we do not actually need to see, or collect, the organisms we are monitoring.

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