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But the founding of the idea came out of lots of brainstorming here among our staff editors, photographers, freelancers and people on our list-serve. Back in the summer we were all talking about what we were going to do next with the magazine and we were all inspired by what happened in Tunisia and thought that America was ripe for this type of rage. We put feelers out on  our forums. So it was relatively recent, in June, when we came up with this idea and launched the hashtag in mid-July with the magazine and then it just took off. Once that issue was published, we started putting out tactical briefings to our list serve. Och han har tydligen ingenting emot att Occupy Wall Street förenar sina krafter med Tea Party- aktivister heller. And it may happen. The good thing about the Tea Party is that deep down in their guts they understand that there is something fundamentally wrong with our system. But they want to recapture the past when there is no going back.

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Besöksantalet i juli ökade med jämfört tillsammans samma månad förra året. Kritikerna anser att det är oartigt, twitt- anser Irene Halvorsen om rättegången. Nikola Djurdjic presenterades i går och är beredd för hetluften. Djordjic blir det hemliga vapnet i kvällens Champions leaguerysare kontra Celtic. Tidningen är politiskt oberoende. Telefon: Mejl redaktion: Post- och besöksadress: Södergatan 10, Helsingborg. Chefredaktör och ansv. Redaktionschef: Jonas Kanje.


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